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XRS Germany Report
SMI Motorsport News XRS Germany Report
Last weekend the XRAY Racing Series took place in Velbert at the RC Fun Racer.
You have to say a lot of praise to the club for putting together a great event here. Top route, the paddock is also great, chairs and tables are available, the food is great as always, the food is freshly cooked here. Definitely worth a trip for anyone who hasn´t been there yet.

In the FWD class the HUDY tires were used. 7 drivers started in this class. In the 1/12 GT class there were two competitors who still had fun on the track. There were also 7 starters in class 1/12 EB. So the first training session was held on Sunday to determine the starting order in the heats.
In the FWD class, Markus Lehr was able to drive the fastest 3 in a row with his Xray, followed by Jorg Siepert with his Awesomatix and Tobias Flottau with his ARC. In this class it was more than close until the end. In class 1/12GT, Torsten Schachtsieck was able to finish the training with the 3 fastest laps ahead of Marcel Facius. At 1/12EB, Dennis Miether was a blink ahead of Patrik Sadrinna and Daniel Toennessen, these 3 were within 1/10 of a second. There were 5 heats so that everyone had enough driving time.
In the FWD class it was Tobias Flottau who was able to secure first place for the finals after the preliminary heats. In the following places were Jorg Sieper in 2nd place. 3rd place was secured by Markus Lehr, 4th place was by Jochen Muller, 5th place was Samir Nukicic, 6th place was Andreas Karenke and 7th place was secured by the youngest participant this weekend, Ben Nukicic.
In the GT class, Marcel Facius was able to secure pole position ahead of Torsten Schachtsieck.
In the 1/12EB class nothing had changed in the order after the heats, starting place 1. Dennis Miether secured himself followed by Patrik Sadrinna in 3rd place. Daniel Toennessen, Christian Rönicke took 4th place, Sven Schoneweib took 5th place, Sascha took 6th place Lennartz and Mike Schwarz in 7th place. There were then 3 final runs each, which ended as follows.
In the FWD, Tobias Flottau left no doubts in all 3 runs and confirmed his pace 3 times and won all 3 runs. A small mistake in this class cost one or two places, which shows the average time of the participants´ runs. In the first heat, the medium time of the 1st place was 10.010 and the 4th place was 10.086, which gives an idea of how close it was. In the first final everyone kept their starting place. In race 2 it was something different because the pressure was increased and so it was Jorg Siepert who made a mistake and was immediately in 4th place. Markus Lehr and Jochen Müller benefited from this and ended up in 2nd and 3rd place after Tobias Flottau. Here too, the medium time was within 1/10 of places 1-4.
In the third final run, Markus Lehr, Jochen Muller and Samir Nukicic were able to push past Jorg Siepert. Here, too, it was a close fight where everyone could win places due to a mistake by their opponent. Overtaking was almost impossible with this level of consistency. So it was really nice to watch these runs.

In the finals of the GT class, the first final was a quasi photo finish result, Torsten Schachtsieck was able to win the race ahead of Marcel Facius by 0.2 seconds. In the second final, Marcel turned the tables and won the race with a lead of 2 seconds. So the 3rd run had to determine the overall winner. In the last final, Torsten was able to take overall victory again by a very narrow margin.
In class 1/12EB, Dennis Miether left no questions behind and was able to win all 3 finals. In the first final, Christian Ronicke and Daniel Toennessen fought a close battle for 3rd and 4th place, which Christian won. Patrik Sadrinna secured second place.
Race 2. There was then a hard fight for 2nd and 3rd place. Daniel Toennessen was again from the party and Patrik Sadrinna, this time the better finish for Daniel Toennessen. In the last final of the day, Daniel Toennessen took 2nd place followed by Christian Ronicke, 4th place Sascha Lennartz, 5th place Patrik Sadrinna, 6th place Sven Schoneweib, 7th place Mike Schwarz.

The event was commented on by Marcel Facius and Andreas Karenke, who they both did really well, thank you very much for that.
Thanks to all participants, I hope to see you at the next XRS.

Congratulations to all participants and winners.

Report by Anke Muller

Results FWD 17.5.:
1. Tobias Flottau
2. Markus Lehr - XRAY X4F
3. Jorg Siepert
4. Jochen Muller - XRAY X4F

Results 1/12 EB:
1. Dennis Miether
2. Daniel Toennessen
3. Patrik Sadrinna

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