14.02.2023 SMI Motorsport News 
EWS Round 4 UK
SMI Motorsport News EWS Round 4 UK
XRAY wins 3 classes at the EWS R4! The fourth round of the popular Essex Winter Series was once again held in Thundersley, near Southend, in the UK. The race saw a big field of drivers racing in 4 different classes. The XRAY UK team was in full force and looking competitive in each category.

I was able to take the TQ position in the TC modified class after winning 3 rounds. Harley Eldridge lined up 2nd on the grid after TQing the first round of qualifying! Kyle Branson started from the 4th spot. In the final, I was able to pull a gap early on to win the race from tone-to-tone. Behind, some drama unfolded with several racing incidents. In the end, Kyle managed to snatch the 3rd and final podium spot! XRAY had a total of 6 out of 11 cars in the A-main final!

Modified TC results:
1. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY X423
2. Chris Grainger
3. Kyle Branson - XRAY X423
4. Ben Moorey
5. Harley Eldridge - XRAY X423
6. Alex Thurston
7. Paul Crompton - XRAY X423
8. Matthieu Dambrine
9. Kwesi Knight - XRAY X423
10. Daniel Robins
11. Marcus Askell - XRAY X423

The TC stock class was once again dominated by Zak Finlay. Zak showed a blistering pace in qualifying, which meant that he could TQ every round, to eventually go on and win the main final after a faultless drive! Ricky Copsey took a strong 3rd for XRAY in this competitive category! XRAY had a total of 6 out of 11 cars in the A-main final!

Stock TC results:
1. Zak Finlay - XRAY X423
2. Billy Fletcher
3. Ricky Copsey - XRAY X423
4. Martyn Ross
5. Tony Broad - XRAY X423
6. Sam Nicholls - XRAY X423
7. Mason Weston - XRAY X423
8. Jake Hill
9. Tim Landgell
10. Ashley Wiffen - XRAY X423
11. Tim Woron

The FWD category was won by the XRAY driver Adam Southgate! Adam took his X4F23 to the top of the podium spot after a great drive in the A-main final! Martin Southall finished in a strong 5th, also running an XRAY car.

Thanks to the EWS crew for another smooth and enjoyable event! Its always a pleasure to attend the EWS events!

FWD results:
1. Adam Southgate - XRAY X4F23
2. Nathan Parker
3. Shane Chipolina
4. Andrew Cooper
5. Martin Southall - XRAY X4F23
6. Mark Dougal Caton
7. Paul Hill
8. Malc Hall
9. Mark Young
10. Jason Butterfield
11. Alan Chipolina

Report by Alexander Hagberg

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