07.03.2022 SMI Motorsport News 
GP3F in Longwy, France
SMI Motorsport News GP3F in Longwy, France
Report by Alexander Hagberg. - The 2022 edition of the famous GP3F event was held once again in Longwy, France. The race saw 130 entries in 3 different classes, with countries from all over Europe being represented. Our international XRAY team was in full attendance, with top drivers fighting for the win in every class.

In the competitive Expert Stock class, our French driver Alexandre Duchet set the early pace, securing TQ in 3 out of 4 qualifiers. Duchet went on to take two tone to tone wins in A1 and 2, which awarded him a much deserved win with his X4 chassis! We had the most represented car in the A-final, with Adam Iszay, David Ehrbar, Valentin Peuziat, Jacques Libar and Joe Streff also making the show for XRAY. This meant that 6 out of 10 cars in the main final were XRAY X4 cars, the most out of any manufacturer!

Expert stock results:
1. Alexandre Duchet - XRAY X4
2. Alex Kunkler Awesomatix
3. Simon Lauter Awesomatix
4. Max Machler Awesomatix
5. Oliver Bultynck
6. Adam Izsay - XRAY X4
7. David Ehrbar - XRAY X4
8. Valentin Peuziat - XRAY X4
9. Jacques Libar - XRAY X4
10. Joe Streff - XRAY X4

In the modified class, our Portuguese driver Bruno Coelho came really close to the overall TQ, only to lose out on a tie break. Bruno fought hard for the win in the finals, clearly showing a superior pace. Unfortunately, he didnt have the luck to move to the front this time, but secured a strong runner up position, after a win in A3! Bruno also set the2nd fastest lap after Antoine Brunet in the last qualifier before he touched the curb while leading. Antoine Brunet, Marco Kaufmann, myself, and Oliver Havranek secured the 5-6-7-8 positions. This meant that XRAY had 5 cars in the main final - the most out of all brands.

Modified reults:
1. Marc Rheinard - Awesomatix
2. Bruno Coelho - XRAY X4
3. Ronald Volker - Mugen
4. Lucas Urbain Awesomatix
5. Antoine Brunet - XRAY X4
6. Marco Kaufmann - XRAY X4
7. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY X4
8. Oliver Havranek - XRAY X4
9. Michal Orlowski Schumacher
10. Michele Manzo

In the popular FWD class, our team driver Jacques Libar secured the 3rd podium spot with his T4F21, after a consistent performance throughout the whole weekend!

FWD results:
1. Alexander Van Gansen
2. Nicolas Delise
3. Jacques Libar - XRAY

On the behalf of XRAY, I would like to thank the MRC Longwy club for a brilliant organization. Its truly a great event which we found big pleasure in attending. Thanks to all XRAY customers and everyone else that supports our brand. Until next time!

Report by Alexander Hagberg

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