15.10.2021 SMI Motorsport News 
XB8/E win US Open Championship
SMI Motorsport News XB8/E win US Open Championship
This weekend we attended the US Open Fuel Championships at SCRC in Canutillo, TX. This is one of my favorite places to race because of the awesome hospitality of the Showers family, the facility is top notch as well, and being able to visit wth our good friends Tag and Bailee Georges, who also offer us amazing hospitality and treat us like family.

This year when we arrived at the track we noticed that the track wasn´t packed as well as past years, so we knew from the start the surface would be different from other years, which we confirmed throughout the practice day. The track was very loose and loamy and started to break up very quickly similar to what a motocross track does, this would make tire selection very tricky.

My nitro buggy semi was the first one up, I would make a mistake early in the race and Cole would take over the lead but a few laps later I was able to take the lead back and would finish the race in first. Having the fastest semi time I would start on pole for the hour long final.

At the start of the final I had some close racing but was able to extend my lead to 9 seconds when I would make a mistake in the whoops and had a very slow marshall which drained away that lead and allowed Rivkin to get ahead of me. I was driving a little frustrated and made mistakes and this allowed him to extend his gap a little from me, but i knew on a track like this everyone was making mistakes and I had to just concentrate on not making mistakes and I knew I would be able to catch him. I would continue to have some more back and forth battles with Rivkin, the extremely rough track conditions, wind and lapped traffic would make this very challenging. I was able to eventually extend my lead and put a lap on the whole field except for Tebo and Rivkin who were battling for 2nd so I decided to back off a little bit to allow them to battle without me getting in their way. I knew all I had to do was keep them in sight and I would be able to take the win, I was able to do this and finish in 1st place.

1/8 Nitro Buggy Results:
1. Ty Tessmann – XRAY XB8 – FX Engine

2. Jared Tebo – Tekno – Maxima
3. Spencer Rivkin – Asso – Maxima

In ebuggy, we didn´t change anything on the car setup and ran the same tires as the nitro car, and my car was very good and I was able to take the TQ which would give me 2nd overall. Nitro buggy it was starting to cool off and my shock oils were a little bit on the heavy side which made my car hard to drive and I wasn´t able to go fast enough to compete for the round TQ and would have to settle for fourth which gave me 2nd qualifying position overall and would have me starting 1st in the even semi-final.
In the 10 minute ebuggy main we had a good start, Jared crashed early on and I was able to get by to take the lead and held on for the rest of the race to take the win.

1/8 Electric Buggy Results:
1. Ty Tessmann – XRAY XB8E

2. Jared Tebo – Tekno
3. Ryan Maifield - Mugen

I want to thank the Showers family for opening up their facility for this race, it´s always a fun race and their hospitality is awesome. Thanks to the organizers of the race for putting on a great event. Thanks to Tag and Bailee for opening up their home to us whenever we are in town and taking care of everything we need.

I want to thank my sponsors for giving me the best products to compete at the highest level Xray, RC America, Hobbywing, FX Engines, Hot Race Tires, MKS, A Main Hobbies, HUDY, VP fuels, Protek Rc, EZ Customs, Stickit1, Lunsford, Avid rc, OCRC and 110% Racing. Thanks to the team for working hard together and for all the help throughout the weekend.
Thanks to my family for all their support, help and the sacrifices they have made throughout my career, my Dad for always being at the races, knowing I can count on him is a huge blessing, thanks to my wife and most importantly I would like to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, without him I would not be where I am.

Race report by Gord Tessmann

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