10.09.2021 SMI Motorsport News 
Berlin Touring Masters R.7
SMI Motorsport News Berlin Touring Masters R.7
I joined Berlin Touring Masters Round 7 was held past weekend at TSV track with new layout. The club because of the brand new asphalt. At this time you do not have much grip, but for the first time it was very good. Nice to drive. A bit technical and some difficult corners.
Very good concept!

The first laps was a bit difficult because of the humidity on the track. But it was possible to get 3 times TQ and my girlfriend made the third place.

Time for the finals!
In FWD was Dennis Fadke who made my life difficult. He had a good pace but in the end it was a good gap between him and me.

FWD results:
1. Stefan Schulz - XRAY
2. Dennis Fadke - Awesomatix
3. Christian Wehrmann - ARC

In 17.5T I had to beat the German champion in this class.
He was very good on the way but he told me, that hes not in a good mood today.
Unfortunately, you saw that on the track.
In the First A Main I made a little mistake at the beginning and he overtake me. I made a lot pressure and he made a mistake too.
It was a very good practice!
At the end I finished on the first place in 17.5T too.

17.5 results:
1. Stefan Schulz - XRAY
2. Christian Wehrmann - ARC
3. Philip Richter - ARC

The 13.5T was the fastest class on the Weekend.
The first main was mine. The second Main goes to Dennis Fadke.
I made the first and only big mistake at this weekend and landed on the roof. I had to stop the car because of the tires.
In the last main it was a good fight between Dennis, Julius and Niklas. All three of them fight for 2nd place.

13.5 results:
1. Stefan Schulz - XRAY
2. Dennis Fadke - AWE
3. Julius Schafer

Report by Stefan Schulz

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