26.08.2021 SMI Motorsport News 
T4&T4F wins TOS in Marzahn, DE
SMI Motorsport News T4&T4F wins TOS in Marzahn, DE
Me and my Grilfriend made the first Places in our classes! What a great Weekend! It was a great experience to drive in another track with difficult track conditions. I was able to win in all qualifying and on final. The Rain made the race to end up early.

FWD Results:
1. Stefan Schulz - XRAY

2. Torsten Baggendorf
3. Manuel Stankowitz

My Girlfriend wanted to try to drive.

On Saturday I build her a car with a 17.5T motor and let her drive.

She enjoyed very much, that gave us the occasion to create an extra Lady´s Cup, together with my Mum, the Mum of Jasmin Donath and Oliver Heise´s Girlfriend. They had the same rules like the other classes: 3 qualifications and 3 finals. You could see that my Girlfriend was very concentrated on her performance and that she tried to get better and better. In every run she got cleaner and faster. About 5 Laps more than the opponents she won her first trophy. Congrats!

Ladies Results 1/10 TC:
1. Jasmin Wellmann - XRAY
2. Vivian Donath - XRAY
3. Denise Janzen - XRAY

Race report by Stefan Schulz

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