03.02.2018 SMI Motorsport News 
EOS R.2 in Daun Germany
SMI Motorsport News EOS R.2 in Daun Germany
The 2nd round of popular Euro Offroad Series took place last weekend in Daun, Germany. Organisers prepared very challenging track which was great fun to drive.

In Truck Modified, it was my XT2 which rocked in practice, but some bad luck and my mistakes meant that I started 2nd in A-main behind Max Gotzl who put down some great runs in Q2 and Q3!
In finals, I took the win in A1, but early contact with Max in A2 gave easy win to Hupo. After chaotic start of A3, I managed to pull away and take the win with Hupo in 2nd and Max in 3rd!

TOP 10:
1. Kaja Novotny XRAY XT2
2. Hupo Honigl XRAY XT2
3. Max Gotzl (TQ) XRAY XT2
4. Jens Becker XRAY XT2
5. Kai Konig XRAY XT2
6. Antonia Kovalszki XRAY XT2
7. John Zuber XRAY XT2
8. Silvio Pietroboni XRAY XT2
9. Jacques Libar XRAY XT2
10. Frank Golueke - XRAY XT2

In Truck Stock class Jens Becker and his XT2 dominated in practice, qualifications and finals and took the overall TQ and win with young Bartosz Zalewski in 2nd place!

TOP 10:
1. Jens Becker (TQ) XRAY XT2
2. Bartosz Zalewski XRAY XT2
3. Christophe Dupuis Associated
4. John Zuber XRAY XT2
5. Kai Konig XRAY XT2
6. Jacques Libar XRAY XT2
7. Antonia Kovalszki XRAY XT2
8. Nenad Ristic XRAY XT2
9. Per Eriksen XRAY XT2
10. Silvio Pietrobony XRAY XT2

In 4wd, XRAY trio of Bruno, Martin and Hupo was looking to take first three spots, but in qualifications Orlowski, Rheinard and Martin stepped into the game. However Bruno continued to dominate also in qualifications and took the overall TQ! XB4 was the most represented car in A-main with 4 cars!
In finals, Bruno and Michal pulled away in both A1 and A2 and eventually it was Michal who took the win. Bruno took easy win in A3 to secure 2nd spot with Lee Martin completing the podium!

TOP 10:
1. Michal Orlowski Schumacher
2. Bruno Coelho (TQ) XRAY XB4
3. Lee Martin Yokomo
4. David Ronnefalk HB
5. Hupo Honigl XRAY XB4
6. Jorn Neumann Schumacher
7. Martin Bayer XRAY XB4
8. Marc Rheinard Yokomo
9. Daniel Kobbevik XRAY XB4
10. Joona Haatanen - Associated

In 2wd, it was looking to be 4-horse race between Coelho, Cragg, Lee and Orlowski. In qualifications Bruno was the fastest one out of these four but Neil was the one who could put down clean runs and earned TQ! Michal Orlowski lined up 2nd, Lee Martin 3rd and Xray duo of Martin and Bruno in 4th and 5th!
Finals were close affair with Bruno facing some bad luck, which put him down the field while Martin Bayer was fighting for the win and managed to win A3 which gave him 3rd place overall!

TOP 10:
1. Neil Cragg (TQ) Associated
2. Michal Orlowski Schumacher
3. Martin Bayer XRAY XB2
4. Lee Martin Yokomo
5. Hupo Honigl XRAY XB2
6. Joona Haatanen Associated
7. David Ronnefalk HB
8. Marc Rheinard Yokomo
9. Jorn Neumann Schumacher
10. Bruno Coelho XRAY XB2

Race report by Kaja Novotny

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