19.06.2017 SMI Motorsport News 
B.Coelho claim the overall ETS title
SMI Motorsport News B.Coelho claim the overall ETS title
Bruno Coelho claim the overall ETS Series title in Hudy Arena.

The penultimate round of ETS series 2016/2017 took the place at well known Hudy Arena in Trencin, Slovakia.

The arena was open from Wednesday so the drivers were setting up their pits. All free practice rounds on Thursday went smooth with Bruno Coelho taking the top spot in modified class, Christian Donath in stock class, and David Ehrbar in Formel class. The practice round on Friday was delayed due to rain which forced drivers to start racing in the late afternoon. The drivers were allowed to race only one practice round where the top spots were held by Bruno Coelho, Matej Dobnikar, and Jan Ratheisky. The weather has not changed on Saturday so drivers were allowed to run in only few windows between the rain. Qualification had to be continued on Sunday morning to be able to finish at least 2 qualification rounds. Bruno Coelho was dominant in qualification rounds in modified which secured him TQ. By taking the TQ in qualification Bruno Coelho claimed ETS Series 2016/2017 title. Stock and formel qualifications had multiple drivers that were competing for the top spot. At the end of qualification rounds it was Christian Donath in stock class and Oliver Bultynck in formel class with the fastest times.

Sunday weather was good and final runs at ETS Round 5 could be finished without any breaks caused by weather. Bruno continued his great performance in the first final run where nobody came close to him. Alexander Hagberg and Naoto Matsukura were fighting for the second place where Naoto passed Alex in the last lap. In stock class it was Christian Donath taking the first spot with Jan Ratheisky and Martin Hofer to follow. It was all open in formel class where we saw great racing with top position occupied by multiple different drivers, but at the end of the first final round it was Oliver Bultynck who took the first place.

The second final run in modified was very similar to the first final run where Bruno finish first and he claimed the ETS Round 5 title in modified. In stock, Christian Donath made mistake in the second final run and Jan Ratheisky took advantage of it and securely came first with Alexandre Duchet coming up second. In formel class it was again great performance by all drivers but only one could win and it was David Ehrbar.

The last final round in modified was without Bruno who already secured the title. It was up to Naoto if he can beat Alexander which would secure him the second overall place. But Alexander did not allow Naoto to go in front which resulted in Alexander finishing second overall. Multiple cars in stock class went on their backs in the last final run which made the round interesting. It was Christian Donath who won the last final round and stock class overall. We were expecting exciting final round in formel class but few crushes made it easier for Oliver Bultynck to safely win the final run and overall.

Overall result
Modified class:
1 Bruno Coelho - XRAY
2 Alexander Hagberg - XRAY
3 Naoto Matsukura - Infinity
4 Marc Rheinard - Infinity
5 Ronald Völker - Yokomo
6 Viljami Kutvonen - Awesomatix
7 Akio Sobue - Infinity
8 Christopher Krapp - Yokomo
9 Nicholas Lee - Yokomo
10 Frederik Südhoff - Awesomatix

Stock class:
1 Christian Donath - Tamiya
2 Jan Ratheisky - XRAY
3 Alexandre Duchet - XRAY
4 Martin Hofer - Yokomo
5 Mattia Collina - XRAY
6 Tom Krägefski - XRAY
7 Olivier Bultynck - Awesomatix
8 Simon Lauter - Tamiya
9 Zdenko Kunak - Awesomatix
10 Max Mächler - Awesomatix

Formel class:
1 Olivier Bultynck - Shepherd
2 Jan Ratheisky - XRAY
3 David Ehrbar - Serpent
4 Helge Johannessen - Roche
5 Patrick Schäfer - Shepherd
6 Toni Rheinard - VBC
7 Tim Benson - Serpent
8 Andrej Vnucko- XRAY
9 Jeremy Limoges - XRAY
10 Jitse Miedema - XRAY

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