14.06.2017 SMI Motorsport News 
Top Options A. Hagberg
SMI Motorsport News Top Options A. Hagberg
XRAY zeigt hier eine Übersicht von Tuningteilen die Alexander Hagberg für seinen XRAY T4´17 verwendet.

Dies ist eine Präsentation einiger der am meisten verwendeten Option Teile für die T4´17! Diese Teile finden sich nicht nur in dem Fahrzeug von Alexander Hagberg, sondern bei den meisten Fahrzeugen der Team Fahrern!

This is a presentation of some of the most used option parts for the T4´17! These parts can be found not only on my car, but on most team Driver´s cars!

#301138: Alu Flex Chassis 2.0mm Swiss 7075 T6 – this chassis lowers the centre of gravity, and makes the car more stable to drive in high grip conditions such as carpet and high grip asphalt tracks.

#301213: Upper Holder for Bumper 2.5mm Graphite – the upper bumper in graphite material provides additional rigidity and better looks to the front part of the car.

#305137: Solid Axle Driveshaft Adapter, HUDY Spring Steel - this is a must have option part for any serious racer, as it greatly improves the durability of the front transmission.

#302383, 302384: Composite C-Hub Left and Right, 4° Graphite (ECS) - this stiffer front c-hub improves steering response for high grip tracks, and especially on asphalt tracks in hot conditions.

#306191: T4 Graphite + Alu Fully Adjustable Battery Holder - this battery holder makes life easier for every racer, as it not only holds the battery in place, but gives you the possibility to quickly shift the battery position, to alter weight balance.

#305434, 305447 Low Friction Belt Front and Rear: these white belts are a must have for modified and stock racers alike. It frees up the drivetrain of the car, making it more efficient. It lowers motor temperature and decreases battery consumption.

#302525: Alu Dual Servo Saver Arm + Ball Bearings: these steering arms not only makes your car look better, but actually gives you the possibility to run a bigger steering angle as well, which is particularly useful for modified racing on asphalt. The stiffer aluminium material also provides better initial steering response, which is desired on most tracks.

#301196: Graphite Upper Deck 1.6mm – V2: the thinner topdeck compensates for the loss of flex when using the aluminium chassis, and makes the car retain some flexibility from the upper deck, which improves cornering speed and side bite.

#301351-O: Alu Adjustable Body Post Stop: the adjustable body posts not only looks professional, but makes quick changes of the body height a breeze. Also when switching between different bodies, you may quickly tune the height of the shell without changing any parts.

#305242: Composite Driveshaft Replacement Cap 3.5mm Orange – Strong: just like the driveshaft adapters, this option part further strengthens the drivetrain in both front and rear. They can withstand higher loads and for longer time, especially for modified racing on outdoor tracks!

#305351: Alu Wheel Hub Offset “-0.75mm”: narrower wheel hexes are great for fine tuning of the car´s track width and overall geometry. It´s a popular option for racing both on carpet and asphalt!

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