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ORCAN Wins Singapore Nats 2013
SMI Motorsport News ORCAN Wins Singapore Nats 2013
After what seemed like a very long racing calendar, I finished the #8 race of the year with a second place podium finish. This race result was good enough to seal my overall points lead -- making me the Singapore National Champion in 1/10 scale for 2013.

For the last race of the year on 22 Dec 13 we ran the large layout. The “large” layout is perfect for 1/8 scale cars, but is thought by many to be the toughest layout in Asia on 1/10 scale engines.
In September, both Alex Hagberg and I had con-rod issues during the Singapore Open using the large layout. So, for this race I added some extra Nova 1N1 castor oil to my fuel and tuned my engine richer than normal in anticipation of possible air temperature rises and leaning out over the 40 minute final as tires go from 66.5mm in diameter to 56-57mm!

With these changes the engine worked like a dream out of the corners and on the long straight. I sealed my overall lead in the series and much to my surprise--officially became the winner of the Singapore 2013 National Series! It was an unusual result (given the speed of my peers) and an unusual season (low attendance at some races), but as any hard scraping racer will tell you, I will take it! Thank you!

The Singapore National Series is based on the best five of eight results. My best five results were 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd and 6th.

Two of the top 5 drivers by overall points were using the GT3-C engine in 2013. The top ten Singapore National Series Results are:

1 Sam Craig – NT1 & ORCAN GT3-C MH

2 Joe Hwee

3 Nicholas Lee

4 Kenji Taira - NT1 & ORCAN GT3-C MH

5 Erwin Luhur - NT1

6 Ben Seet

7 Don Chng - NT1

8 Philip Lee

9 Nicholas Willcox - NT1

10 Nelson Lee

I would really like to give special thanks to ORCAN/MH tuning for selling pro level/specification engines to private (non-professional) racers around the world and providing great technical support!

Via email and at big races, Bertram Kessler of ORCAN has taught me much about engines, tuning, pipes and maintenance. I feel that I owe much of my improvement in 2013 to ORCAN products and improved knowledge gained from Bertram Kessler at the pre-worlds and XRAY Challenge Asia in 2012. Thank you Bertram, MH and ORCAN!

Report by Sam Craig

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