12.10.2023 CS-Electronic 
Schumacher Cougar LD3 2WD 1/10
CS-Electronic Schumacher Cougar LD3 2WD 1/10
CS-Electronic präsentiert Ihnen den neuen Cougar LD3 2WD 1/10th Competition Offroad-Buggy. Der Cougar LD3 verbessert und verfeinert Schumachers klassenführenden 1:10 2WD Rennbuggy. Er hat bereits zahlreiche nationale und internationale Rennsiege errungen, darunter ein Podium bei der IFMAR-Weltmeisterschaft.

Der LD3 ist langlebiger, benutzerfreundlicher, leichter und noch schneller. Mit 3 verschiedenen Chassis-Spezifikationen wird es auf allen Streckenoberflächen und unter allen Bedingungen glänzen.

Der LD3M ist für Astro- und Teppichbahnen mit mittlerem bis hohem Grip optimiert, mit dem weiter vorne liegenden ´Laydown-Getriebe des Motors. Der LD3D verfügt über ein "Layback"-Getriebe, das den Motor 6 mm weiter nach hinten bewegt, es funktioniert am besten auf Schmutz mit geringem Grip und nassen Astro-Strecken. Der LD3S verfügt über das ´Laydown-Getriebe und leichte Teile für Rennen in der unteren Stock-Klasse.

K208 - Cougar LD3M - Mod Specifications
New - Front quarter geometry including;
New - Front wishbone.
New - Front hub carrier with increased adjustability.
New - Front 5 deg caster block.
New - Fine outboard camber link incremental adjustments with a greater adjustment for the front axle position.
New - Larger hub bearings and axle design for increased durability.
New - Front hex -2.0mm.
New - S2 steering arms.
New - Improved pivot system for the king pin and outer hinge pin.
New - 4mm S2 lightened front shock towers for lower centre of gravity.
New - 4mm S2 rear shock tower with new geometry.
New - One piece shock caps for improved sealing and weight saving.
New - Moulded shock absorber pistons.
New - 5.5mm front camber link ball cups.
New - 2.5mm reduced weight alloy chassis design, recessed radio tray and redesigned rear end.
New - Side pods to match the chassis with rear flex slots for chassis stiffness tuning.
New - Internal transmission with new twin pad through slipper for a more centralised assembly and 80t spur.
New - Moulded internal idler gear with improved teflon coated material.
New - Differential internal shim change for more durability.
New - Rear suspension wishbones and alloy rear strap with greater wheelbase adjustment and new shock positions.
New - Pin retaining design for improved reliability.
New - Rear hub carrier with fully adjustable insert system and camber adjustment.
New - AX037 - Aerox Trident Wing 1.0mm.
New - JC0432 - JConcepts S2 Cougar LD3 Body.

K209 - Cougar LD3D - Dirt Specification
The Cougar LD3 ´D has the following differences to the LD3 ´M.
New - Rear layback gearbox including;
New - L+R transmission housings.
New - Motor mount.
New - Smaller idler gear.
New - RF (Rear Front) alloy strap.
New - Gear shield.
New - Rear hub and inserts for improved rear grip.
New - Longer Rear CVD driveshafts - 69.5mm.
New - Rear Hex -2.00mm.
Yellow Wheels.
Wide 2wd front wheels.

K210 - Cougar LD3S - Stock Specification
The Cougar LD3 ´S has the following differences to the LD3 ´M.
New - Carbon filled transmission housings.
New - Slipper lockout assembly with alloy layshaft and 71t spur.
New - 2.5mm carbon fibre chassis with recesses.
New - Carbon fibre motor plate.
New - JC0432L - JConcepts S2 Cougar LD3 Lightweight Body.

Including all these features across all kit specifications.......
- Class leading front suspension geometry with durable components and a range of optional alloy parts, offering more adjustments to set up your LD3 for all track conditions.
- Front end, enables zero and minus five wheelbase lengths, without the need of an additional chassis.

- 90° phased lightweight steel CVD driveshafts - 65.5mm.
- Easy access battery fitting system with multiple fitting options.
- Low drop wing mount.
- Compact steering system for improved in-line weight placement, with adjustable and dynamic ackerman.
- 12mm Hex Wheels with industry standard offset.
- 13mm Big bore shocks with big bore ´CORE springs. Threaded collars and twin o-ring sealing.

- Shock seal pack housing with ´O ring sealing to prevent loosening.
- Lightweight lower spring retaining cup.
- Threaded spring collars, for easy ride height and adjustment.
- Screw Piston Fixing, with titanium nitride shafts, for easy build, precision and durability.

- Optional rear shock location in front or behind the wishbones, standard in the kit.
- Front shock tower cover to protect your car and the track.
- Adjustable rear roll centres, inboard toe-in and anti-squat.
- Cable management system.
- Easy access transmission system. For quick diff access and maintenance.
- Super precision ball bearings throughout.
- Spur Gear Shield.
- Small, low rotating mass transmission. 3 position height adjustment, to adjust for driveshaft plunge and mixed track conditions

Art. No. K208
Art. No. K209
Art. No. K210

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