23.02.2023 SMI Motorsport News 
XRS Braunschweig Arena38
SMI Motorsport News XRS Braunschweig Arena38
Report by Jan Ratheisky: Last weekend we held a XRS in Braunschweig at our well known Arena38 indoor track with is on a former swimming hall. With 60 entries we had a big driver field. It was not a big surprise that a couple of 1:12 drivers made their way to us also. Some to make the qualification for the German nationals and some just to practice for it. It will be held in 2 weeks in Magdeburg by the way.

As we had new curbs on the track (thanks to Manuel Stankowitz) it was a big challenge also for the driver from the club as the curbs are place on the former ideal lines. Means the corners are somehow a little wider and we all have to adept our driving. Lap times drops up to 0.5. But anyway, same for everyone ;)

After some exiting finals it was Jan Ratheisky who win tone to tone. Behind it was a bit closer and letís say... destructive. In the end Jochen Janik finished 2nd at his first race for Xray and Henrik Heitsch on P3.

Stock 17.5 results:
1. Jan Ratheisky - XRAY X4
2. Jochen Janik - XRAY X4
3. Henrik Heitsch

One of our race highlights and also with many entries was the 21.5 class which are more or less for "rookies". Even there was many adult drivers also, our kids shows a great show.
After Ben Gerhard was on TQ it was Emely Ratheisky who changed the ranking in the last minute of A3 with a good pass on Ben. Well done! And great driving from all. In a strong P3 it was Max Weber who is getting stronger and stronger as well.

TC 21.5 results:
1. Emely Ratheisky - XRAY X4
2. Ben Gerhardt - XRAY X4
3. Maximilian Weber - XRAY X4

1:12 GT results:
1. Marlon Laue
2. Guido Kraft - XRAY X12
3. Timo Schad

1:12 Stock results:
1. Jan Ratheisky - XRAY X12
2. Stefan Schulz - XRAY X12
3. Thomas Stenger

FWD results:
1. Christian Weber
2. Stefan Schulz - XRAY X4F
3. Henrik Heitch

Big thanks in this point goes to XRAY and SMI for supporting this event. I want to highlight that SMI covered the entry fee of all kids under 14. Thanks!! Also thanks a lot to:
Mikanews for the great pics and German report
Ralph Schmidt and Forian Spiewok for a good job as referee and timekeeper

Stephan Schostak and Jochen Janik for the technical inspection
And big thanks once again to my Mother for making a new benchmark for the food trackside!!

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