29.07.2022 SMI XRAY News 
New RX8E´23 Online now
SMI XRAY News New RX8E´23 Online now
Nach der Vorstellung der Verbrenner Version präsentiert Xray nun den RX8E´23. Xray hat jetzt detaillierte Informationen über den neuen Xray RX8E´23 mit allen Daten und Fakten auf ihrer Internetseite veröffentlicht.

Check out the presentation RX8´23 .... Hier

2023 All-new Features.
• All-new chassis with narrowed front suspension pivots increases stability & traction
• More chassis cutouts create greater flex in desired locations
• Additional chassis cutouts improve cooling
• Hard composite suspension arms combined with the improved central chassis flex keeps the suspension geometry stable while the flex is transferred through chassis and radio plate to maintain traction.

• Narrower front suspension holders for improved geometry
• Longer lower suspension arm shock mounting holders compensate for the narrower suspension holders to maintain the ideal shock absorber geometry
• Lower down-stop mounting holders without the eccentric geometry make the car easier to set suspension down-stops
• All-new front aluminum bulkheads with a lowered design
• New front upper clamps feature integrated upper shock mounting positions, eliminating the need for a separate front shock tower

• Innovative front upper shock mounting directly on the upper clamps adjusted via shims provide more flex on front suspension
• New front upper bulkhead brace for easy flex adjustments. More stability with the brace installed, more traction and steering when the brace is removed
• Lightweight front upper arm holder design
• Ultra-compact and super lightweight receiver box moves the weight lower and closer to the center of the chassis
• Shorter servo saver stand with key lock design
• New aluminum rear radio tray holders are super lightweight and reinforced in critical areas to eliminate breakage, using fixed radio tray mounting for improved stiffness
• Rear suspension holders are mounted to the chassis with 2 larger screws instead of 4 smaller screws for more security
• New rear aluminum bulkheads have a 2mm front/rear wheelbase adjustment for easy traction tuning depending on the track conditions. Front position more traction, rear position more stability.

• Rear suspension holders and milled pockets in the chassis plate reduce the lowest pin position by 1mm to generate more traction when needed
• Anti-roll bar bearing bushings front and rear for different thickness of anti-roll bars
• New anti-roll bar wire shape to match the new bearing bushings
• Lightweight one-way carrier for reduced rotating weight
• New 9mm wider rear PUR belt for increased reliability and lifespan
• Front lower bumper with new body mount positions to fit all the different racing bodies
• The aluminum front body posts with eccentric mounting that allows frontward or rearward mounting positions
• Longer front lower pivot balls account for the narrower front suspension pivot to maintain necessary width adjustments
• Graphite rear upper arm holders with more clearance above the rear belt

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