01.06.2022 SMI Motorsport News 
EC TC 1/10 warmup race Slovakia
SMI Motorsport News EC TC 1/10 warmup race Slovakia
Report by Oliver Havranek. - 2022 EFRA TC European Championship warm-up race was held in Trencin, Slovakia. Beautiful Hudy Arena will host European Championship once again this year.

Practice for the warm-up race started on Friday when I tested my car and tried to find the best setup for the Saturday race. Pace of the car was good already from morning practice on Saturday and I knew I found a great setup to start the race with. I managed to win two out of five qualifiers but it just wasn´t enough to beat Alex Hagberg, who was starting from the 1st place on the grid.
In first final Alex made a mistake in the first lap which put me in the lead. After defending my position I came to the finish on the 1st place in front of Jirka Vysin.

Second final was calm until Alex had a mechanical issue on his car and I moved to the lead and secured overall 1st place.
In third final I tried some changes on the setup which helped me a lot, but when I tried to push more I spun and lost contact with Alex.
This race was a perfect chance to test some setup changes on the car and I am already looking forward for XRS Grand Final in two weeks.

Stock results:
1. Martin Hudy - XRAY X4
2. Adam Izsay - XRAY X4
3. David Ehrbar - XRAY X4
4. Mark Valent - XRAY X4
5. Marcus Von Elling - XRAY X4

Modified results:
1. Oliver Havranek - XRAY X4
2. Jirka Vysin - XRAY X4

3. Matej Sulc - Mugen
4. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY X4
5. Maty Knopp jun. - XRAY X4

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