25.05.2022 SMI Motorsport News 
X4F wins at RCK Challenge Germany
SMI Motorsport News X4F wins at RCK Challenge Germany
Back from Horstel-Riesenbeck from the RCK Challenge. The RCMC Ibbenburen stepped in because an outdoor event was canceled. It was a great day of racing. The organization was first class, the fairness on the track exemplary.
I put the new X4F on the small, technical track for the first race and was surprised at how easy it was to drive the car right away. The modular setup worked great.
Sure, Ive already tried a few changes, a screw less, damper behind a little steeper - done. Playing with the tire preparation and then it was time.
Finished all heats first, won all finals, fastest heat lap and race lap - I think I can say: it was a perfect start for the LRP powered XRAY X4F.
Compared to the last race, I was significantly faster today in the fastest final, really significantly.
The car is very easy to drive and still fast. So Im excited about what the club has delivered, what the West group has done for cooperation, and about cars and electronics, because the hobby is only half as much fun without working material

Congratulations to all finalists.
FWD results:
1. Jochen Muller - XRAY X4F

2. Dirk Lante
3. Michael Martini jun.

Report by Jochen Muller

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