24.05.2022 Power Save Racing 
The 3rd HC-Cup at MSV Linsengericht
Power Save Racing The 3rd HC-Cup at MSV Linsengericht
After the qualifyings I was on position 7. In the semi-final, I started from 4th place and was already in 2nd place after a short time. Actually, I felt safe and pushed the car to keep the place. But unfortunately I pushed too hard and made a mistake that took me too much time on this small and narrow track. I still fought hard, but with the strong field of drivers, it was not possible for me to bump up to the main final in the end.
I finished the race in 12th place in the Expert class.
Now its time for a little break and preparation for the Euros B in Austria.

See you there, guys.

Congrats @Kim Einert
Never give up and the best of luck and success at the Euros B

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