24.05.2022 SMI Motorsport News 
3rd Hessencupī22 MSV Linsengericht
SMI Motorsport News 3rd Hessencupī22 MSV Linsengericht
We had another great event in lentil dish. A big compliment to the club around Michael Zschiedrich. The track was in very good condition, great work.
Many thanks to our unbeatable team with Marcus Krause as race director and Florian Schimm as timekeeper and commentator.
Live broadcast and reporting on mikanews.de ran. You canīt be imagined without it. You really upgrade our Hessencups. Many thanks to you.

This time we had the idea that Flo and Marcus put the microphones aside and race against each other. It was great fun and they both did very well. Cool that you joined in the fun.

On Saturday evening we were able to drive our friendīs youth end run. Really great performance from our youth, you all did a great job.

Youth results:
1. Felix Spielberger - XRAY XB8
2. Frane Buljan
3. Jody Muller - XRAY XB8

Our XRAY team was able to take the following places on Sunday

Hobby results:
1. Stefan Leichner
2. Markus Lehr - XRAY
3. Bjorn Schmidt

Ebuggy results:
1. Aaron Waitz - XRAY XB8E
2. Alexander Braches - XRAY XB8E
3. Tom Zschiedrich - XRAY XB8E

Expert final
1. Marcel Kruger
2. Alexander Braches - XRAY XB8
3. Tom Zschiedrich - XRAY XB8

Mega weekend with our XRAY family, we are proud of you.
Thank you for your trust and the cooperation.
You are the best. See you at the 4th Hessencup run in Ober-Morlen

Report by Anke Muller

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