19.05.2022 SMI Motorsport News 
O.Stein wins at Potsdam
SMI Motorsport News O.Stein wins at Potsdam
A great day in Potsdam is over - DMC Regionals where I am categorized as a “veteran”. I won the 4WD Stock class and won all three finals. We drove together with the Mod drivers, but they have been behind me in every run. My XB4 ´22 was perfect and felt very predictable and easy to drive. The failure in the 2nd 2WD Stock final unfortunately prevented me from placing better. I started in 5th position and finished 5th with two 4th places. It was a super day! The track in Potsdam has been rebuilt and is very easy to drive.

I am looking forward to the German Championships in September!

4WD stock results:
1. Olaf Stein - XRAY XB4
2. Wolff Zahr-Hoffmann
3. Jorg Liesigk

Report by Olaf Stein

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