27.11.2021 SMI XRAY News 
New X12´22 Online now
SMI XRAY News New X12´22 Online now
Xray hat jetzt detaillierte Informationen über den neuen Xray X12 ´22 mit allen Daten und Fakten auf ihrer Internetseite veröffentlicht.

Zur Präsentation geht es .... Hier

2022 All-New:
• Fully adjustable battery mounting system does not require an O-ring or tape
• Ultra-lightweight steel solid axle for improved drivability and throttle control
• New lightweight wheel adaptors for reduced rotation mass
• Wider foam bumper for better body shell support & improved crash protection
• Updated front suspension with adjustable steering lock limiters
• New steel arm brace for increased arm strength
• New low profile lightweight bushings installed in graphite plates replace traditional nuts for a sleeker look and lower CG
• Solid axle now standard in the EU Edition
• 1.0° kingpins included in the US Edition for improved drivability out of the box on high traction
• First class Build Videos and Tech Tip Videos with QR links in the Instruction Manual

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