25.01.2021 CS-Electronic 
Schumacher Eclipse 4 LMP12
CS-Electronic Schumacher Eclipse 4 LMP12
Schumacher erzielte bei den LMP12 IFMAR Weltmeisterschaften 2020 mit Marc Rheinard und Andy Murray sensationelle Siege sowohl in der Modified als auch in der Stock Klasse.

Jetzt haben Andy und das Schumacher Engineering-Team ihr Wissen über Rennsiege genutzt, um den neuen Eclipse 4 zu entwickeln. Die Eclipse 4 enthält bewährte WM-Siegerfunktionen wie ein Aluminium-Chassis . Neue Innovationen wie Dämpferrohre mit großer Bohrung und die Befestigung der Hinterräder mit einer Mutter machen den Eclipse 4 noch schneller, leichter und wartungsfreundlicher. Der Eclipse 4 ist das ultimative professionelle LMP12-Rennchassis-Kit.

• NEW - Revolutionary solid rear axle using single nut wheel fixing. Along with quicker wheel changes and easier use, the rotating and unsprung mass has been significantly reduced offering better performance. (Even when compared to CR721 Solid axle design).
• NEW - Rear wheel design allowing the use of the new wheel fixing method. While also reducing mass, flexibility has been improved for more equal stiffness around the wheel.
• NEW - Updated Alloy chassis included in the kit.

• NEW - Refined top deck shape with slightly increased flex in the front end section.
• NEW - Big Bore Side and Centre Damper design offering improved damping. They also give greater damping oil retention (less frequent maintenance required) and a compact and central design. Damper geometry changes have improved damping characteristics.
• NEW - Stronger pod base helping to remove any twist in the rear pod and therefore tweak.
• NEW - Front beam improving front end flex characteristics.
• NEW - Front beam socket using o-ring fixing system to allow easy building and replacing of individual parts.

• NEW - King pin with improved suspension action due to a new surface finish. Stiction from full droop vastly reduced and updated damping oil retention.
• NEW - 1.5° Camber strap included in the kit.
• NEW - Dramatically simplified front ride height adjustment using slide in spacers under the front beam.

• NEW - Tyre truer adapter included to suit 1/12 front wheels and the new hex rear wheel.
• NEW - Optional lightweight alloy speed control fan mount for 25mm fans.
• - Compatible with all Eclipse ball differentials and CORE-RC CR721 Solid axle design when using JT2 range of wheel/tyres.
• - Tweak free battery mounting using o-ring fixing with easy loop over design.
• - Titanium steering turnbuckles included as standard.
• - Thread inserts make working on the car quick and simple.
• - Full length carbon fibre chassis for increased cornering predictability.
• - Fully adjustable front end (track width, ride height, toe, camber, caster, damping, bump steer and ackermann).

• - Rotationally balanced left rear wheel clamp.
• - Lightweight independent roll and bump springs with low centre of gravity.
• - Ultra-low motor position.
• - Lightweight low centre of gravity CNC alloy rear transmission housings.
• - Adjustable anti-squat and pro squat, independent of droop setting.
• - Ultra-balanced rear pod assembly.
• - 76t 64dp Kimbrough high efficiency spur as standard (options available).
• - Full range of optional springs, front, side and rear.
• - Fully adjustable body mounting system.
• - Chassis balance pivot holes. For use with U3582 pivot set. To optimise left/right weight distribution.

• - Extra low rear roll centre.
• - Rear tweak adjustment via side springs.
• - Adjustable rear ride height using interchangeable inserts with improved fitment (0.25mm increments).
• - Lightweight rear droop adjustment.
• - 1/12 scale Kimbrough servo saver with stiffener included as standard.
• - All black aluminium M3 nuts as standard.
• - Accepts a huge range of industry standard body shells, motors, batteries, and speed controllers.

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