20.11.2020 SMI XRAY News 
XRAY T4΄21 Online now
SMI XRAY News XRAY T4΄21 Online now
Xray hat jetzt detaillierte Informationen όber den neuen Xray T4΄21 mit allen Daten und Fakten auf ihrer Internetseite verφffentlicht.

2021 All-new Features.
• Improved T4 platform incorporates updates and popular option parts
• Available in choice of Graphite, Flex Aluminum or Solid Aluminum to chassis
• New chassis designed for new motor mount , new T-brace and new RF suspension holders
• New top deck with a narrower front section improves steering characteristics and forward traction
• New top deck with revised rear profile for improved motor clearance for spec class motors
• All-new motor mount machined as a single piece for increased strength
• Motor mount features new integrated tensioner to precisely set the rear belt tension

• New T-brace for Improved central flex characteristics and for additional control
• New bulkheads with improved rear arm clearance when using the high roll center positions
• New RF suspension holders with centering pins for more accurate and consistent rear toe-in setting
• All-new adjustable front body stops prevent body collision with track while cornering
• Steel outdrives for the solid axle now included in the kit for improved durability
• 8mm steering plate included for easier control in corners
• 52mm ECS drive shafts included for increased stability and cornering speed
• Front upper bumper brace for increased protection in serious crashes and improved durability

• 2.5-2.8 front and 2.6 rear springs now included as the most popular combination used
• New tweak-free, fully-adjustable Quick Battery Mounting System without tape
• New battery backstops integrated into the motor mount and compatible with shorty battery packs
• All parts are now black anodized including shocks and steering system

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