15.10.2018 SMI XRAY News 
XB4´19 Online now
SMI XRAY News XB4´19  Online now
Xray hat jetzt detaillierte Informationen über den neuen Xray XB4 ´2019 mit allen Daten und Fakten auf ihrer Internetseite veröffentlicht.

Weitere Infos findet Ihr: Hier

2019 All-new Features:
• All-new multi-function rear upright helps to generate more traction & increase stability
• All-new longer rear driveshafts with 2.5mm pins for smoother operation
• All-new rear wheel axle with safety collar, featuring XRAY´s unique multi-position driveshaft adjustment to vary driveshaft length
• All-new longer rear camber link to accommodate all roll center alternatives
• All-new larger ball-bearing used in the rear uprights for increased reliability
• All-new rear suspension arms redesigned to accommodate the new multi adjustable upright
• All-new longer rear arm pivot pin to accommodate the new multi adjustable upright and wheelbase adjustment.
• All-new diff outdrives redesigned for 2.5mm pins for smoother operation
• All-new bevel drive gears machined from special gear steel material reduce the weight and significantly improves reliability
• All-new central shaft universal joint redesigned to accommodate the new steel pinion gears
• All-new graphite reinforcement plate between servo saver increases traction and improves cornering speed
• All-new body redesigned to make the car more stable and improves the rotation in corners
• Includes new rear wheels with a deeper recess for the wheel nuts

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