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Die Revolution - Schumacher CAT L1
CS-Electronic Die Revolution - Schumacher CAT L1
Der Schumacher CAT L1 ist ein komplett neuer, leichter und qualitativ hochwertiger 1/10 Allrad Offroad Buggy, der fόr Spitzenrennen entwickelt wurde. Der CAT L1 ist schneller, mit neuer voll einstellbarer Federungsgeometrie, niedrigerem Schwerpunkt und verbesserter Effizienz. Der CAT L1 wurde auf hφchstem Niveau im internationalen Wettbewerb entwickelt und ist mit Michal Orlowski und Jφrn Neumann bereits ein bewδhrter Rennsieger.

Art.Nr: K176
UVP: 529,00 €

The Schumacher CAT L1 is an all new lightweight, high quality 1/10th 4WD Off Road buggy, developed for top level racing. The CAT L1 is faster, with all new fully adjustable suspension geometry, a lower centre of gravity, and improved efficiency. The CAT L1 has been developed at the highest level of international competition, and is already a proven race winner with Michal Orlowski and Jφrn Neumann.
Join the race winning team. #Schumacherfamily and drive a CAT L1.

The CAT L1 a revolution of the breed.

CAT L1 Specification
Power Source: ELECTRIC
Length: 375mm
Wheelbase: 280-286mm
Width: 250mm
Top Speed: 40 MPH+

• NEU Alloy chassis side stiffeners.
• NEU 3 Gear transmission for opposite motor rotation, improves agility and steering on high traction surfaces.
• NEU Lightweight layshaft and side gears.
• NEU Small, low rotating mass gear differentials. With 3 position height adjustment, to adjust for driveshaft plunge and mixed track conditions.
• NEU Durable polyurethane drivebelts.
• NEU FAB (Front Adjustable Brake System) with larger 22 tooth pulleys included.
• NEU Low CofG pinned and centre mounted motor mount.
• NEU Alloy front transmission housings with steering mounting for increased rigidity.
• NEU Alloy upper front housings with lower CofG.
• NEU Alloy rear lower transmission housings with improved belt tensioner.
• NEU Lighter alloy rear upper housings for low CofG.
• NEU Lightweight, twin pad slipper clutch with Ultra Fine adjustment spring.
• NEU Strong steel universal driveshafts with 5mm axles.
• NEU Hard anodised 12mm wheel hex.
• NEU Larger 5x11x4 layshaft and pulley bearings increase durability and precision.
• NEU Optional ball diff available.
• NEU Includes 33 super precision ball bearings.

• NEU Hard anodised 2mm 7075-T6 alloy chassis with 4mm carbon stiffeners.
• NEU Vertical top decks for increased linear flex.
• NEU Alloy floating servo mount pinned into the chassis.
• NEU Adjustable shorty locating system. Enables ultra precise fitment.
• NEU Multiple Ackerman position alloy centre track rod.
• NEU Shorty and saddle LiPo compatible.
• NEU Cable management system for neater wire installs.
• NEU Lightweight battery posts.
• NEU Lower, smaller front bumper - housing front roll bar and suspension.
• NEU Front wing mount.
• NEU Aerox Body and Schumacher wing.
• NEU Battery thumb screws.

• NEU Wishbones with new improved geometry.
• NEU Geometry steering yokes.
• NEU Rear hub carrier. Featuring new vari-length wishbone and hub geometry.
• NEU Hub Carriers.
• NEU Stronger 3.5mm diameter front inboard pins.
• NEU Front pivot strap inserts for front track width adjustment. And new 8°, 10°, 12° front rake adjustment.
• NEU Anti Roll bars included with centralising collar.
• NEU Strong, rigid 4mm carbon fibre shock brackets.
• NEU Lightweight front shock tower cover to protect your car and the track from damage.
• NEU Front wheelbase adjustment for improved tuning.

• NEU Big bore shocks with big bore “CORE” springs, titanium nitride shafts, twin o-ring sealing, optimised shock body.
• NEU Ball mounted two piece shock cap for easier building, maintenance, vented option and lighter weight.
• NEU Threaded spring collars for better location.
• Super lightweight design.

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