06.02.2018 Absima HB Racing 
HB Racing D817 V2 - Online
Absima HB Racing HB Racing D817 V2 - Online
HB Racing hat jetzt detaillierte Informationen όber den neuen HB D817 V2 ΄2018 mit allen Daten und Fakten auf ihrer Internetseite verφffentlicht.

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The new D817 V2 from HB Racing takes the World Champion D817 nitro 1/8 buggy and adds the latest updates based on feedback from our Team Drivers. Fresh off the win at the 2016 IFMAR World Championships in Las Vegas with David Ronnefalk at the wheel, the D817 proved that it΄s a winner. That’s back-to-back World titles for the D815 and D817 in the most competitive class in RC racing. HB Racing is dedicated to bring our customers up-to-date kits. The D817 V2 brings you the latest “Version 2” updates, just like what our Team Drivers are using.

D817 V2 Features:
• NEW JConcepts Silencer buggy body
• NEW Molded nylon rear wing
• NEW Narrow rear shock tower
• NEW Front linkage geometry spacers
• NEW Stronger Aluminum caster blocks
• NEW Revised shock length
• NEW Aluminum center chassis brace
• NEW Updated aluminum flywheel

• Long wheelbase 7075 aluminum chassis
• Fine adjustment aluminum D-Mount
• Revised rear upright geometry
• Universal drive shafts
• Universal & CVA compatibility
• 43/13 diff gear ratio with lightweight gears
• HB monocoque suspension arms
• Sintered brake pads & metal rotors
• Covered radio box
• Carbon graphite rear hub carrier arms
• Aluminum servo saver arm
• One-piece lightweight wing mount
• Aluminum steering blocks
• Carbon graphite steering arms
• Stand-up servo mounting
• Steel turnbuckles
• Big bore threaded coilover shocks
• Hard anodized aluminum shock towers
• Aluminum arm blocks
• Hinge pin inserts
• Protective boots on central drivetrain
• Threaded outer hinge pins
• Sway bars front and rear
• Split center bulkhead
• Lightweight spur gear
• Lightweight diff outdrives and center inputs
• Lightweight front aluminum axles
• Racing fuel tank with stone filter clunk

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