22.08.2017 SMI XRAY News 
XRAY X10 ΄18 Online Now
SMI XRAY News XRAY X10 ΄18 Online Now
Xray hat jetzt detaillierte Informationen όber den neuen X10 ΄2018 Pan Car mit allen Daten und Fakten auf ihrer Internetseite verφffentlicht.

Weitere Infos findet Ihr: Hier

2018 All-new Features
• All-new chassis with ultra-narrow design for improved steering characteristics, increased torsional stability, and new two-position option for pod link mounting for in-corner steering adjustment
• All-new redesigned & updated rear suspension
• All-new narrower pod plate
• All-new rear alu bulkheads feature a new clamp system for ultra-low CG and a new system for multiple motor mounting positions
• All-new ride height adjustment via shims and eccentric upper clamps
• All-new easier motor access
• All-new rear graphite rear brace significantly reduces tweak of the rear pod and lowers CG
• All-new narrower side tubes for improved handling and reduced weight
• All-new narrower rear link brace for shorter side tubes
• All-new lower pivot brace with nut groove for tweak-free movement
• All-new super lightweight and lowered pivot ball for lower, more stable roll center
• All-new harder front upper arms for easier handling & smoother steering
• All-new harder front upper arm mounts for easier handling
• All-new updated upper arm position adjustment shims
• All-new steering blocks with minimized play for improved steering response
• All-new updated upper ball joints with minimized play
• All-new center shock position adjustment allows for steering characteristic setting
• All-new extended shock absorber adaptor
• All-new graphite plate for antenna holder
• All-new longer servo mounts for mid-size servos
• All-new 1 hole shock pistons

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