21.12.2016 SMI XRAY News 
XB8 Progressive Federn
SMI XRAY News XB8 Progressive Federn
XRAY präsentiert neue Progressive Federn für die Vorder- und Hinterachse des XRAY XB8. Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind jeweils zwei aufeinander abgestimmte Federn mit einer Lasermarkierung zur leichteren Identifikation.

• Bessere Lenkung am Kurveneingang
• Für Strecken mit hoher Traktion
• Individuell vermessen und kontrolliert
• Individuell geprüft und abgestimmt
• Laser Markiert mit 4 Punkten

XB8 Progressive Front & Rear Springs

• Better steering at corner entry
• For high-traction tracks
• Individually measured and controlled
• Individually inspected and matched
• Marked with 4 dots

New front and rear progressive springs are slightly progressive, but under more compression they change characteristics to become more linear. This gives an excellent feeling & feedback of the car in all different track conditions. Marked with FOUR dots for easy identification. Set of 2.

Available as a pair, the springs are individually measured, controlled, inspected and matched to provide identical damping characteristics. During the selection process, each spring is compressed in several fine increments and the values recorded, and then each spring is matched with another spring of identical characteristics. XRAY goes the extra mile to ensure perfect spring matches, giving your car the predictability and consistency that you need to help you lead the pack.

#358316 XRAY Front Spring 69mm - 4 Dots (2)
#358336 XRAY Rear Spring 85mm - 4-Dots (2)

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