02.06.2024 SMI XRAY News 
New Xray X4F΄25 Online now
SMI XRAY News New Xray X4F΄25 Online now
Xray hat jetzt detaillierte Informationen όber den neuen Xray X4F΄25 mit allen Daten und Fakten auf ihrer Internetseite verφffentlicht.

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2025 All-new Features - Part 1.
• All-new chassis redesigned to work with the new bulkheads & lower arms
• Moves motor mount location 5mm forward for improved traction
• Integrates with the new one-piece aluminum servo/steering mount and battery holder systems
• Narrowed 5mm in the front and 10mm in the rear for improved flex characteristics that improve steering and rotation while also reducing chassis drag for improved cornering speed
Servo Mount
• All-new one-piece servo mount moves the servo 5mm forward for more traction
• Single steering arm mount reduces weight
• Works together with the new battery holder system to move the battery position further forward for maximum traction
• One-piece design eliminates servo movement in hard crashes
• Ultra-low profile design reduces weight and lowers the CG as much as possible

Steering Arm
• All-new steering arm redesigned for weight savings
• New geometry creates clearance to move the motor mount and servo mount 5mm forward for improved traction & improved in-corner steering
Weight Saving
• X4F’25 is 25g lighter than X4F’24 with strategic lightening of the rear suspension to move the weight bias further forward
• All electronics moved 5mm forward for maximum front traction
• Greater weight distribution set-up options to better adapt to different track conditions

More All-new Features
• 100g front bumper weight for improved traction in lower grip conditions. For high traction conditions, optional 50g weights can be placed under the front drivetrain
• All-new rear bulkheads contribute to additional weight savings
• Rear bulkheads’ higher ARS link mounting position creates greater adjustment possibilities, and allows for mounting of the ARS link more forward or backward, which has a big effect on the car’s rotation

2025 All-new Features - Part 2.
• All-new graphite rear upper arm holder reduces weight
• Graphite rear body post holder improves durability and durability
• New composite upper arms generate more traction and improve durability in hard crashes
• Shorter belt matches the forward layshaft position
• Updated top deck geometry matches the new layshaft position
• Rear top deck uses a pair of mounting screws for improved rotation
• Most popular caster bushings included in the kit for maximum performance right out of the box
• All-new battery mounting system works with the new servo mount to position the battery in a maximum forward location for improved traction
• Medium hubs included in the kit to generate more traction and steering for maximum performance right from the box

• All-new motor mount moves the motor 5mm forward to improve traction
• 1mm shims under the front lower arms improve steering
• Active rear towers improve rotation, and the new shock design allows lower downstop settings without any need for modification
• New suspension arms with relocated shock positions improve lower arm flex and reduce twist under load
• Inner shock locations improve weight distribution with the shocks closer to the vehicle mid-line
• Lower arms use under arm anti-roll bar mounting and reduce shock height by 4.5mm for ultra-low CG
• Upper arms are shaped for clearance around the new shock position while maintaining proper suspension geometry and rigidity
• Front and rear shock holders use shims to adjust shock positions in finer increments
• Three different shock holder mounting options provide chassis flex alternatives to tune responsiveness and grip
• Active or fixed rear shock holder configurations provide two dampening alternatives in one mount
• Simplified shock absorber installation uses a fixed set screw to secure the threaded shock mount stud and prevent movement in the mount during maintenance
• Front steering plates with improved Ackermann positions integrate with the new arms and shock positions and new single steering arm
• Rear ARS plates move the link forward for improved rotation
• Improved ECS drive shaft case uses a C-clip to secure a new aluminum sleeve that captures the coupler pins without the use of set screws for improved reliability and easy assembly
• Bulkhead anti-roll bar locations are moved lower, along with a new ARS link position on the rear bulkheads, to match the improved suspension geometry.

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