12.04.2023 SMI Motorsport News 
Jumpstart RC Challenge Germany
SMI Motorsport News Jumpstart RC Challenge Germany
Report by David Ehrbar. TQ and win at The Jumpstart RC Challenge in Turkheim in front of my teammates Rainer Haller and Bjorn Keller. A great start for me with the XRAY X1. There is some more work to do regarding how to set the car up and how to treat the tires as this was also my first race on foam tires. It didn´t get any easier as the whole Saturday was washed away by rain. But for sure the car is a good basis and worked well with the foam tires with almost basic setup. I am looking forward to the next races.

Formula results:
1. David Ehrbar - XRAY X1´23
2. Rainer Haller - XRAY X1´23
3. Bjorn Keller - XRAY X1´23

Report by Sascha Klug
Friday was a full day of practice. It was super cold the whole day and the grip conditions on the track were super strange, so it was hard to find a good pace.

On Saturday the weather god wasn´t on our side and we had rain the whole day. The organization team changed to time schedule and put the first qualification run to Sunday morning. We used the time on the track to prepare our stuff and have some fun with friends.
Then they started a funny pit stop challenge where Stefan Strasser and Sascha Klug could win the Drink, Eat and tire change challenge. After that Thilo Diekmann and his team invited us to the evening party with beer and music.

Sunday morning. Dry track. So let´s go and race.
3 Qualification runs followed by 2 short final runs were planned for the race.
In 1/10 nitro it was Stefan Strasser who was fighting for the win. He said it was very hard to find the right setup because while driving it feels like every lap had different grip conditions. He managed the third place after Qualification and could win the overall ranking with two perfect final runs.

1/10th nitro class results:
1. Stephan Strasser - XRAY NT1
2. Silvio Piperato
3. Dirk Brauer

Sascha Klug was fighting for the podium in the 1/8 nitro class. He struggled a bit to find a good pace in this strange conditions. But in the end it was enough for the second position after Qualification and also P2 after finals with two clean runs.

1/8th nitro class results:
1. Minas Michailidis
2. Sascha Klug - XRAY RX8´23
3. Julian Krajuszek

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