05.04.2023 SMI Motorsport News 
SRS Round 3 Germany
SMI Motorsport News SRS Round 3 Germany
Report by Jacques Libar: The 3rd round of the SRS is in the books. Many XRAY drivers around that area came together to join this race. 6 different classes got driven that weekend.

I started in FWD and 17.5 TC. Both cars worked from the first lap on and the hard work during the past winter months to get the maximum out of the cars showed in the outstanding performance of both cars. Fastest lap and TQ and Win rounded this weekend up.

17.5 stock results:
1. Jacques Libar - XRAY
2. Patrick Beltrallo - XRAY
3. Carlos Gabriel do Pinhal - XRAY

FWD results:
1. Jacques Libar - XRAY
2. Raymond Libar - XRAY
3. Frank Rahn - XRAY

F1 results:
1. Marc Rahn - XRAY
2. Denis Fuchs - XRAY
3. Mike Arendt - XRAY

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