29.09.2021 SMI Motorsport News 
X4 wins at TOS, Germany
SMI Motorsport News X4 wins at TOS, Germany
Last weekend we had the last outdoor season race of the TOS in Munster.
As I tested some stuff with my GTXE on my club track on Saturday I was just able to arrive Sunday morning. However my X4 car felt great from the beginning and I just do some little tweaks compare to my setup of the ETS in Apeldoorn. More toe in, less droop and more camber gain. As the track is mostly used by nitro cars it was quite slippy and with that changes the car was on point again.

There is not much to say about the race as it was more or less the same fight in both of my classes where I started.

Stock: After a very tight battle for the TQ it was my teammate Lukas who took the big advantage fort the finals. Long story short, he won the A1, I won the A2 and in A3 Lukas won again so we had an XRAY P1 and P2 on P3 we had Soren Sparbier in the End.

Mod: More power! This was the biggest class of the event which is quite unusual but on this big track it makes a lot sense.

As I practice mod quite a lot I had a little advantage against Lukas this time and I was able to set the TQ and converted it to a win. Lukas finished 2nd and Soren again on P3.

Modified results:
1. Jan Ratheisky - XRAY
2. Lukas Ellerbrock - XRAY

3. Soren Sparbier

Stock results:
1. Lukas Ellerbrock - XRAY
2. Jan Ratheisky - XRAY

3. Soren Sparbier

17.5 results:
1. Sascha Bulow - XRAY
2. Daniel Mithaler - XRAY

3. Silvio Rose

FWD results:
1. Kevin Sparbier
2. Jan-Simon Knispel - XRAY
3. Tobias Muller

Race report by Jan Ratheisky

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