27.08.2021 SMI Motorsport News 
XB8E wins at Hessencup R2
SMI Motorsport News XB8E wins at Hessencup R2
2.Hessencup´21 MRC Meiningen e.V. This weekend we took part in the Hessencup with our SMI XRAY team. This time we were able to welcome a Rent a Car driver again, it was Simon Stegmeier, he comes from the 1/10 off-road electro scene and has done really well. In the end he was able to take 3rd place in the hobby class. Really strong performance

Elo class results:
1. Tom Zschiedrich - XRAY
2. Thomas Lucas- XRAY
6. Markus Reitz - XRAY
7. Sebastian Fenske - XRAY
9. Christian Braches - XRAY
10. Steffen Kunz - XRAY
12. Jody Müller - XRAY

Youth results:
2. Jody Müller - XRAY

Hobby class results:
2. Tom Zschiedrich - XRAY
3. Simon Stegmeier - XRAY
4. Philipp Kremer- XRAY
6. Markus Lehr - XRAY

Expert class results:
3. Jochen Wiesner - XRAY
5. Thomas Lucas - XRAY
7. Christian Braches – XRAY

We would like to thank all of the XRAY drivers for the great weekend. Thank you for your trust and the cooperation.

Come home safely and see you at the 3rd Hessencup run in Bischofsheim

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