17.08.2021 SMI Motorsport News 
XRAY 4x Win at ETS R. 2 DE
SMI Motorsport News XRAY 4x Win at ETS R. 2 DE
Second round of Euro Touring Series took place in Andernach, Germany. The weekend did not start with good news as Alexander Hagberg and Bruno Coelho could not attend the 2nd round due to Covid-19 travel restrictions (they also missed 1st round due to Covid-19 travel restrictions).

At the end team XRAY was able to win 4 classes so it was successful weekend for Team XRAY as Alexandre Duchet was able to TQ and win Stock class; Jan Ratheisky TQed and won formula class; Stefan Schulz TQed and won FWD class; and Caspar Morgen was able to TQ and win +40 class.

Pro Stock class results:
1. Alexandre Duchet – XRAY T4´21
2. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4´21
3. Simon Lauter – Awesomatix
4. Lukas Ellerbrock – XRAY T4´21

Formula class results:
1. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY X1
2. David Ehrbar – EF1
3. Lukas Hoch – XRAY X1
4. Rene Kolbel – XRAY X1
5. Herbert Weber – XRAY X1
6. Tomas Sova – XRAY X1
7. Michal Wojcik – XRAY X1
9. Robert Kampehl – XRAY X1

FWD class results:
1. Stefan Schulz – XRAY T4F
2. Steven M. Olsen – Awesomatix
3. Roman Borschel – N/A

+40 class results:
1. Caspar Morgen – XRAY T4´21
2. Werner Schmitzer – N/A
3. Frank FUCHS – Awesomatix
7. Flavio Paladin – XRAY T4´21

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