05.05.2021 SMI XRAY News 
New GTX8E΄22 Online now
SMI XRAY News New GTX8E΄22 Online now
Xray hat jetzt detaillierte Informationen όber seinen brandneuen Xray GTX8E΄22 mit allen Daten und Fakten auf ihrer Internetseite verφffentlicht.

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2022 All-New Features:
• Longer wheelbase chassis with electric specific layout
• Low CG layout with electronics placed in front and saddle pack batteries
• New composite battery boxes for each battery can fit short or standard packs
• Front and rear suspension holders mount directly to the chassis with new GT specific geometry
• Aluminum spacers raise the front and rear diff heights for better drivetrain alignment
• Front and rear gear boxes with cooling cut outs for the differentials
• New rear diffusor for increased stability at high speed
• Front upper bumper brace matched to front gearbox opening for improved diff cooling
• Front lower bumper provides clearance for the new suspension mounts
• Both front and rear suspension arms are now softer than the previous GTX
• Front C-hubs with 6° caster for improved steering characteristics
• 3-slot steering Ackermann graphite plate with more initial steering and more overall steering angle

• Hard rear upright for improved stability
• Graphite rear upright extensions for increased corner speed
• Front and rear shock towers with new shock positions and roll center locations
• Aluminum lower shock mount extensions improve the corner speed and stability in corners
• Softer progressive shock springs with new shock mounting position provide more stability, traction, and steering
• Thinner anti-roll bars to match new suspension geometry
• Central dogbone driveshafts and outdrives
• New center layshaft adapter fits smaller 45T / 46T / 47T spur gears for expanded gear ratio choices
• Compact electronics mount for speedo and receiver
• Graphite servo holder redesigned to fit the new chassis layout
• Shorter servo link to match the new steering servo position
• Servo saver stands with the chassis key lock design
• Stronger servo saver spring with a wider range of adjustment
• Front top deck with two different brace positions ensures clearance for the servo saver to prevent binding
• Longer composite front brace makes the car more predictable

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