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XRS Germany R7 Report
SMI Motorsport News XRS Germany R7 Report
The 7th round of the XRS Germany took place last weekend, we were guests at the MCRT Aschaffenburg. We were allowed to inaugurate the new track that the club in Schaafheim now has. This is a permanent indoor track, small but nice.

Let´s get to racing.
This time we again had a Rent a Car Fronti driver, with Alex Braches was a fast 1:8 nitro buggy driver at the front wheel. After a few training batteries, Alex was able to drive the top times immediately. He was able to finish the first run just behind the leading as 2nd.
He won the second heat, you could see how Alex found his way better and better and went for the win. He started the finals from 2nd place.

The first final run was unspectacular, no mistakes from the leading and small mistakes of Alex so that he could not build up pressure, but this should change in run 2.
Final run 2 was probably the most interesting. Let us now report on it. Such a run was a feast for the eyes of the audience. From the start Alex was right on the leader, after he made a mistake Alex could grab the lead, then Alex had to defend 1st place and he did very well until he left a little too much space at the end of the straight and he found himself back in 2nd place. But he stayed right there and was able to put pressure back on leader, but finished 2nd in the end.

The drivers did not give each other anything in the 3rd run, Alex even had the lap record in the Fronti class in his pocket up to this run, which he unfortunately lost despite victory of the last run by 3/1000 sec. So he ended up on a great 2nd place. A great result for the first on-road race.

FWD Results
1. Markus Lehr - XRAY T4F
2. Alex Braches - XRAY T4F
3. Michael Eul - XRAY T4F

Except the Fronti class we also had the following classes, 1/10 TW Stock, Formula, 1/12 GT. There were exciting fights in the TW Stock class, here Marc Stubben won the first A final, Jens Haller was able to win the second A final, so the tension in the 3rd A final was great. This went to Marc Stubben.

Stock Results
1. Marc Stubben - XRAY T4
2. Jens Haller - XRAY T4
3. Jorg Baldes - XRAY T4

The B-final was won by 8-year-old Thilo Baldes. He only arrived on Sunday morning with his father Jorg Baldes and his uncle Uwe Baldes and got along very quickly with the track.

Haroun Schobner secured victory in the 1/12 GT class, ahead of Benedikt Neubert and Sebastian Fenske. Camillo Otto won the B-final.

1/12 GT Results
1. Haroun Schobner
2. Benedikt Neubert
3. Sebastian Fenske - XRAY X12

Unfortunately there were not many drivers in the Formula class, here Johammes Fecher took the victory, he was followed by Alexander Olah.

Formula Results
1. Johannes Fecher - XRAY X1
2. Alexander Olah - XRAY X1

We thank the MCRT Aschaffenburg for the great event and the great food.

Race Report by Anke Müller

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