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XRS Germany R6 Report
SMI Motorsport News XRS Germany R6 Report
Last weekend we had XRS Round 6, organized by MSC Herrenhaide for the first time ever. It worked out pretty well, including a great atmosphere and quite a long entry list.

The strongest class was 1:10 TW Fronti, which was great fun watching. There was also a formula class, 1:10 TW Stock, 1:12 EB / GT and the guest class 17,5 TW. Also mentionable was the nice catering by members of MSC Herrenhaide, providing noodles with tomato sauce, coffee and a lot more.

In Stock, Tim Schulte took A2 and A3 from Pole after Sven Muller had taken A1, both with their new T4´20.

Stock Results
1. Tim Schulte – XRAY T4
2. Sven Muller – XRAY T4
3. Jonny Guerra

In TW Fronti, Sven Muller took the win from Thomas Felke in second and Matthias Drummer in third, working out a gap of 1-2 laps in every run.

Fronti Results
1. Sven Muller – XRAY T4F
2. Thomas Felke
3. Matthias Drummer

In 17,5 TW guest class, Christopher Bergholz wasn’t able to transform his Pole into a victory, so Thomas Nitschke took all finals putting Christopher Bergholz in second and Pierre Theuerkorn in third.

17,5T Stock Results
1. Thomas Nitschke – XRAY T4
2. Christopher Bergholz – XRAY T4
3. Pierre Theuerkorn

In formula, Andreas Beier was able to win all finals with his X1.

Formula Results
1. Andreas Beier – XRAY X1
2. Heiko Elgas – XRAY X1
3. Jens Limmer – XRAY X1

In 1/12 Dirk Brauer finished first in A1 and A2, while the fight for P2 came to an end when Philipp Lischke took the win in A3 from Frank Hiller.

1/12 Results:
1. Dirk Brauer
2. Philipp Lischke – XRAY X12
3. Frank Hiller

Race Report by Anke Müller.

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