30.09.2018 SMI XRAY News 
XRAY T4´19 Online now
SMI XRAY News XRAY T4´19  Online now
Xray hat jetzt detaillierte Informationen über den neuen Xray T4 ´2019 mit allen Daten und Fakten auf ihrer Internetseite veröffentlicht.

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2019 All-new Features.
All-new chassis to accommodate new front chassis brace
All-new removable front chassis brace for improved steering response
All-new XRAY’s unique BPA system – Body Position Adjustment
All-new front adjustable body mounts with eccentric mounting for Body Position Adjustment
All-new redesigned rear body mounts with removable graphite shims for Body Position Adjustment
All-new front lower & upper bumper and foam bumper redesigned to use the BPA system
All-new redesigned upper clamps feature center pins for precise & strong shock tower installation
All-new front & rear shock towers redesigned to accommodate center mounting pins
All-new layshaft & motor mount bulkheads redesigned to fit smaller ball-bearings to eliminate interference with the top deck and improved flex characteristics
All-new front & rear battery backstops prevent battery movement in crashes
All-new alu steering plate with pressed-in ball-bearings to reduce play
All-new play-eliminating bushings for steering arms

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