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European Champions 2015
SMI Motorsport News European Champions 2015
The 2015 EFRA 1/10th 200mm Nitro On-road Championships were held at the EFMOD Model track in Turkey. The huge track made for laptimes in the 25 seconds range and the difficult layout, high traction and high temperatures made for challenging conditions for the drivers. Practice saw Teemu Leino (HB) coming out fastest some 0.04 second clear of a very consistent Bruno Coelho (Xray). Alexander Hagberg (Xray) and Dominc Greiner (Serpent) also proved to be very quick on the challenging track. In the qualifiers Dominc Greiner then took the TQ from Simon Kurzbuch (Shepherd) and Teemu Leino. Bruno Coelho, who suffered from tyre problems and Alexander Hagberg completed the top 5 result.

The 45 minute main final started with Teemu and Dominic pulling away up front while Bruno Coelho, who had both the silicone fuel and pressure lines and the engine glow plug changed on his car in the warm-up for the final, and Dirk Wischnewski (Shepherd) battled for the third place with the better end for Bruno who was able to get past Dirk in the opening stages. A few laps later Bruno was able to fight for second place with Teemu and he ultimately got past the fast Finn with only Dominic now being in front of him. Within a few laps he also overtook Dominic to later take the 2015 Euro A title. Simon Kurzbuch ended the race some 21 seconds down on Bruno on the runner-up spot while Dominic Greiner secured the final podium spot one lap down.

2015 European Championship A top 10 result:
1. Bruno Coelho – Xray
2. Simo Kurzbuch – Shepherd
3. Dominic Greiner – Serpent
4. Alexander Hagberg – Xray
5. Patrick Nahr – Shepherd
6. Joe Kerry – Capricorn
7. Mickael Derderian – Xray
8. Quentin Leroux – Capricorn
9. Dirk Wischnewski – Shepherd
10.Teemu Leino – HB

In the B category Tom Krägefski (Xray) was the dominant driver right from the start of the practice on. He then made a clean sweep in the qualifiers by winning four of the five rounds despite forgetting to attend at the second qualifier while trying to fix a problem on team mate Alex’ car. For the 45-minute main final Tom and his team decided to go for a single tyre stop strategy but to change all four tyres so he had to make sure to have a good margin between him and the second place driver. At the tone Tom had a good start but some three minutes into the race Krägefski flipped his car over a curb due to the pretty big tyres he started with. Being a bit more conservative with his driving Tom then was able to extend his lead for his needed tyre stop at the 21 minute mark and he finally won the main with a 1-lap margin from Jannick Namyslo (Xray) and Umut Oztumen (Xray) who ended the race some six laps down. With his second place Jannick Namyslo also grabbed the Junior Champion title.

2015 European Championship B top 10 result:
1. + TQ - Tom Krägefski – XRAY NT1 / Orcan
2. Jannick Namyslo – XRAY NT1/ Orcan
3. Umut Öztümen – XRAY NT1/ Orcan
4. Spreng Helli - Orcan
5. Cengiz Sonmezler – XRAY NT1
6. Ates Billur – XRAY NT1/ Orcan
7. Haluk Soyyoruk – XRAY NT1
8. Bulent Toker
9. Kasap Ahmet – XRAY NT1/ Orcan
10. Kaya Ali - Orcan

2015 Europajuniorenmeister
1. Jannick Namyslo – XRAY NT1/ Orcan

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